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watch out for the falling html! construction is hard...

 *greetings netizen! we are webster'z pet cats here. this site is pretty cool, isnt it?

if you wanna get around more easily, then consider going to the navigation page!



my button in case you wanna use it:

hello, fellow netizens!

welcome to my small corner of the interwebs

im the webmaster, webster! nice to meet you my prounouns are she/her (they/them are also okay!) and im 139 yrz old :P

i hope you have fun on my site, though i want you to keep in mind that this site is still in construction, AND that im very bad at coding and still learning!

honestly, im proud of myself for coming this far in terms of coding! baby steps, everypony, baby steps.

also yes i use everypony its cool and i feel like im a part of a community okay shut

this might seem like a downgrade from my old site layout, but i made this site for me, not for you

and besides i downloaded my old layout incase i regret it lol also yes i did change my name

probably wont tho (i hope)

quote of the day/week/year/decade idk: cheese is mandatory!!!!!!!!!!!!


this site is proud to be a part of the retronaut webring!

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...and the null webring as well!!

music in background is almonds.mid. cool, right?